Schulleiter treffen sich in Bursa zu einem Projekttreffen

Am 6. Mai trafen sich Schulleiter unterschiedlichster Bildungseinrichtungen vom Kindergarten über allgemeine Schulen bis zum beruflichen System. Ziel war es, die Einführungsphase der mehr als 600 in Bursa neu eingestellten Lehrkräfte zu gestalten.

Gleichzeitig arbeitete das Projektteam an der Projekt Broschüre.

Turkish project partners planned a meeting for school headmasters on 6th May. Headmasters are selected from different school types. Kindergarten, VET School, Public Education Centers, Primary School,  Secondary School,  High School and School for children who have special needs. More than 600 teacher started to work in Bursa this year. These teachers have different skills and they began the schools according to their legal teaching profession.

Project team is also working on a project brochure.


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